Communicating and Relationship with Tandigm Health

Recently Tandigm Health came to our theater for a workshop on collaborating, communicating and establishing and maintaining relationships. We covered a lot of ground in our time together and had a blast with this fun group of expert communicators.

Tandigm Health helps medical professionals do their work easier, faster and better. This group delivers innovative and useful tools for primary care physicians and rely on communicating effectively, listening excellently and the ability to engineer creative solutions.

Communicating is an important skill for any professional team. Any of us could be working on one project with coworkers, clients or vendors – sometimes all three. Juggling these levels of communication can be a lot to manage.

In improvisation, our ability to establish and build relationships is key. When we walk on stage into a scene, we don’t know what’s on our scene-partner’s mind. As we are communicating exactly who we are, and discovering who the other performers are, we are also building a relationship with the audience watching the show. Not only are we building a world from nothing, we are hopefully doing it in a way that is interesting and compelling to watch!

Tandigm is a tight knit team. They were comfortable taking risks and having fun, which lead to a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

Two brave souls roleplay a scenario while a rapt audience observes!

If your team of outstanding communicators want to explore their skills even further, get in touch with us today! Come and check out our theater, or we’ll come to your office!

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