Corporate Improv with Ballard Spahr

Being anywhere for the first time can be intimidating. Ballard Spahr understands this, and as part of their orientation for summer associates, they use a corporate improv workshop to break the ice. This is a fun and entertaining way to break up the associate’s first experience with the firm. Our session today focused on the skills that matter most to lawyers: presentation, communicating, and taking risks.

Learning while having fun with Corporate improv

There is a point in every corporate improv workshop when the participants have to decide to have fun. After you see the people around you taking risks, doing something silly and outside of their comfort zone, their is an immediate and profound pull to honor their effort by making an effort of your own. This room is full of sharp and personable personalities. They take to the material right away.

We spent a part of this workshop exploring presentation skills. This means making participants aware of each tool in their arsenal when conveying information. Body language, for instance, has a direct effect on how our message is received as well as how it is delivered. We tend to be at our most effective when we carry ourselves confidently, and people who we are talking to notice.

Every corporate improv workshop we do is customized to the group we are working with. That means for a group like this, we have the opportunity to heavily emphasize fun to go along with the actual learning. Fun is an important aspect to the workshops we do. We find that people learn best when they are actually engaged and enjoying themselves. Rather than subject everyone to a powerpoint presentation about communciating, to get people on their feet playing with one another is what makes our workshops so successful.

If you’d like to explore communication skills or presentation skills or revisit some the aspects that makes your team truly unique, contact PHIT Corporate today and we’ll show you what we can do to help!

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