Interpersonal Skills Exploration with Exelon

We were excited to host a workshop on interpersonal skills as a part of the a retreat for Exelon‘s Talent Management team. The Talent Management team is a tight-knit crew who are engaged in various levels of communication – with their own team, their own management and the company at large. This group featured employees from all across the country who work with C-level executives and senior management.

This group are communication masters. We didn’t plan on telling them anything new, or approaching any skills that they weren’t already using. Instead, we explored how important all aspects of communicating are, the effects clear communication can have on our team, and how we can think more critically of how we are communicating.

One challenge PHIT often addresses with a corporate workshop is working with a team that doesn’t regularly meet face to face. Exelon’s Talent Management team is always in communication with each other via phone, email, video teleconferencing, but are only together once or twice a year. We knew this time was valuable to the team and wanted to make sure our part of their day left a lasting impression.

exploring interpersonal skills

Exelon deals in nuclear power. That means we are talking about super-smart personalities with a lot of responsibilities. We are also talking about high pressure situations that the Talent Management team often find themselves in. Trying to maintain composure while dealing with powerful personalities can be difficult to manage.


Plannin’ a party with Exelon!

Improvisation allows us to look at interpersonal skills through effective listening and communication. Being clear in our actions and words goes a long way to clearing a lot of frustrations before they start. Improv forces people to listen closely to those around us and dig deeper to find the root of what is being conveyed.

If you want to take your understanding of the tools you rely on every day to the next level, get in touch with PHIT Corporate today and we’ll show you how we can help!

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