4 Types of Workshop Wallflowers

(And how we uproot them)

One of my favorite parts of taking in a new group for a corporate workshop is sizing up the Wall Flowers. There is always at least one in every group, sometimes more. Below are the different type of Workshop Wallflowers, and approximately how long it takes the flip them from being on the outside looking in to becoming engaged.

1. Bashful
This is our favorite wallflower – someone who is mortified of public performance. Quiet, nervous, maybe even trembling in fear while participating in any teambuilding.

Our workshops are specifically designed to make everyone WANT to participate. Once someone with stage fright sees everyone else doing something silly it feels unnatural, even for them, to let their coworkers handle all the heavy lifting.

2. Skeptical
We would say most wallflowers fall under this category. And we’ll admit, maybe its even fair for them to be skeptical. If they’ve only ever seen the hokey trash that has passed for years as “teambuilding” they’d be right to be skeptical.

For them, at best, this is just another day not at a desk. Skeptics are also the quickest wallflowers to turn around. We’re sure they can’t even pinpoint the exact spot they “plug in-” but once we switch them they are 100% on board.

3. Too-Cool-For-This
At some point, someone convinced this group that “ironic disattachment” was the most hilarious and impressive thing people could do. This specific type of wallflower is pleased to have a new venue to show how cool they can be. These lumps participate, but are actively trying to derail the exercises.

Our favorite part is watching as they realize a) improv is actually fun, and b) our facilitators and exercises are funnier than them. After the workshop, this is the one type of person in any group who is most likely to ask for information on taking a class. Without fail.

4. Worry Wort
This wallflower is unable to put down their phone and connect with the rest of their team. Surely, the most important call of the day will come during this workshop! These folks can be tougher to manage.

We get it, at certain times customers or big sales could be important – but no workshop is long enough to delay your response to anything more than a reasonable time. Our facilitators aren’t going to stop anyone from using their phone or taking a call, but once worry worts know when we’ll have breaks and when we’ll wrap up for the day they can usually set aside their fears and jump right in!

If your company has a few flowers on the wall and you want to open them up, contact PHIT Comedy today for a corporate workshop designed to get your workplace moving.

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