Examining Leadership Skills with Year Up

Today our facilitators hosted Year Up: Greater Philadelphia for a fun workshop emphasizing leadership skills and having a good time doing it.

Year Up is an organization that gives with college students development, coaching, and internships at some of America’s top companies. They are a tremendous resource in providing opportunities and positioning the future leaders of industry to launch into meaningful careers.

We worked with Year Up’s people managers. Some of the team are in their first leadership roles and our workshop reflected those skills that make for great leaders. This meant an immediate focus on communicating.

Leadership skills Through Improvisation

Any great leader knows communication includes two major components: absorbing information and conveying information. Our workshop then started with communication, focusing on exercises that relied on active listening and sharing. The origin of a leader lies in a person’s  ability to understand the needs of their team and their ability to distribute information.

We also worked on presentation and body language. We communicate information using so much more than our words. The way we carry ourselves has an indirect effect on our message; both on how we choose to convey the information and how the message is received. This second part of our workshop encompassed the intangible skills of leadership.

Establishing channels for clear communication means standing in parallel lines, today at least.

For a fairly new team like Year Up, skills development is as important as bonding. A team must be able to get comfortable before they can start unpacking the heavier messages of a workshop. We recognize that not every is entirely comfortable with improvisation – however, this group found its energy fairly quickly, which made for a fun day that flew by.

If you work with a group of leaders, let us help you refine your skills. Contact us today to inquire about setting up a fun and informative workshop for your team.

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