Improv for the Next Generation of Leaders at LEADERSHIP Philadelphia

Boy are we jazzed after our session this morning with over 100 future leaders for the city of Philadelphia – what an amazing group! In addition to being in a room of dynamic individuals our facilitators were really impressed with the quality of this group. Everyone really threw themselves into the exercises wholeheartedly.

LEADERSHIP Philadelphia’s 2013 CORE Class

Our session day focused on a customized topic: working a room. While everyone has been recognized for their leadership potential at LEADERSHIP a lot of the participants admitted that they did not enjoy networking events. Fortunately, our facilitators here immediately saw the connections between good improv scenes and good conversations, and were able to build a 90-minute curriculum that addressed how improv skills can be transferred into those networking event situations to make them less intimidating to attend (and more likely to leave a favorable impression with the people you meet and chat with during an evening of drinks and tiny sandwiches).

We’ve done specialized workshops like this for years, helping develop curriuclums tailored specifically to a unique need – like how to sympathize with customers, or even how to write funnier sermons. What’s your unique need? Drop us a line and let’s see if we can help you address it in a way that’s unusual, fun, and gets the results you need.