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The entire buy Lyrica australia team got together in Philadelphia last week for the start of the year, and after our workshop with a smaller division in 2016 they decided to have us train the whole company. Curalate is the fastest growing start-up in Philadelphia and is coming off a year of explosive growth (as a simple example, the number of participants in the workshop grew by 20% between the time we booked it and when it happened… a little less than month).

With so many new people and offices now in three states working as a team and communicating well has taken on added significance to Curalate. With a young, engaged workforce they know that presenting learning in new and interesting ways keeps their employees happy and is effective. Working with PHIT Corporate on a larger scale for this training was a natural fit and we were happy to return to a company we already knew and build on our past work

Coming at the end of a week of various meetings and talks, we brought all of Curalate’s close to 200 employees to our location and spread them across every available stage, rehearsal hall and classroom we had with a team of 9 facilitators for a session that put the emphasis on fun but also had a curriculum designed to teach important skills like working as a team, communicating, and collaboration.

It was especially nice to come into the office today and have heard that on the surveys every employee completed before they went home at the end of the week our activity got the highest marks of anything that happened in the 5 day retreat:

A screenshot showing all 56 responses would be boring to read, so just picture the number of exclamation points continuing to increase as you go down.

Do you have a large event that needs that extra something, but you don’t want the time to only being about getting your employees out of the office? cheap Lyrica australia that will be a blast and have folks learning important skills or values through applied improvisation so that everyone wins.

buy Lyrica online australia

Today we got the staff at Birthright Israel NEXT’s Philadelphia office up on their feet and improvising in a really fun afternoon of improvisation exercises designed to help the teambuilding among everyone at this new office .

Birthright Israel is already well-known as the organization which gives young Jewish people an opportunity to visit Israel for free. Birthright Israel NEXT is a part of the Birthright Israel Foundation that works to maintain and grow the connections participants made on those trips when they return to the United States by encouraging people to attend events in major cities and also providing support (in the form of free meals and materials) for Birthright alumni who want to host Shabbat dinners. They’re currently expanding their staff across the country and we hope to work with them again soon!

Birthright Israel NEXT’s storefront office in South Philadelphia may be nondescript, but their staff were a blast to work with and we’re excited for the growth of their organization!

PHIT  has worked with a number of religious and religiously identified cultural groups over the years – including a crew of Catholic bishops, a retreat of protestant priests of different branches, and followers of Shambhala Buddhist teachings. Maybe you’ve got a cultural or religious group that could use some fun teambuilding, would enjoy an afternoon of learning to improvise, or has specific goals for development that applied improvisation could teach in an out-of-the-box way? cheap beer lyrics