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Earlier today we had the chance to work with a great group of people – the entire Development Department at the venerable Philadelphia Museum of Art. Besides being famous for it’s steps (which Rocky Balboa runs up at the end of his workout in Rocky) the Museum is the arts capital of Philadelphia and houses an incredible collection of priceless art.

The Development Department are the team responsible for raising the funds from everyone from the very small donors who become members of the Museum to the wealthy arts patrons who pay for entire exhibits or donate their incredible personal collections to the PMA.

We spent the afternoon working with the staff on a mix of teambuilding exercises and some specific applied improvisation exercises related to the ways – verbal and non-verbal – that actors (and individuals in their everyday life) convey their status. Specifically we taught the staff “status matching” exercises that will help them come to major donors and treat them as equals to make the large sums of money they have to ask for in meetings or over dinners a less nerve wracking experience.

They were a fantastic group! We always enjoy working with non-profits and development teams, and would love to work with yours. If you’re interested please buy Lyrica australia about how we can help your organization.