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Last Friday was another story of a workshop worth sharing. A team from PHIT Corporate had the closest experience we will probably ever get to visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory when we traveled to Wawa University.

Wawa is a beloved east coast chain that is difficult to explain when we are traveling elsewhere around the country, but in it’s simplest form we often describe it this way: imagine if 7-11, Dunkin Donuts, and your local deli combined and became best possible versions of themselves.

Being a highly successful company that has grown across multiple states, we were excited to visit their campus and help with the training of their staff. In addition to working on teambuilding, we also spent time teaching applied improvisation techniques focused on listening, awareness and group communication. In a big company it’s often hard to communicate across different departments and through different levels of management – and same skills that are useful to our actors when we create performances on the fly on our stage can also be transformative for teams when they learn to apply them in their work life.

As an added bonus we got to enjoy the cafeteria. It’s a whole Wawa with one amazing difference we’re going to miss – everything was free!