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cheap Lyrica australia is one of the largest financial and commercial real estate services companies in the world – with over almost 80,000 employees across 300 offices in 80 countries – so when the opportunity to participate in their regional company wide meeting in Mount Pocono this week we were excited for the opportunity.

We were also impressed with their desire to embrace and out-of-the-box activity. Large corporations are often held back by conservative thinking and a desire to do things the way they have always been done, but smart multi-nationals are always trying new things… like having their regional staff spend 90 minutes at the start of a retreat improvising with our team of performer/facilitators.

JLL tasked us with two important missions for our session, which started at 9:00 a.m. (not your typical time for improv comedy, or even applied improvisation, but one we always make work when our clients request it): first, we had to get everyone energized for a fun, productive retreat where they were going to be thinking creatively; and second, we had to work to improve team dynamics by getting the attendees to think about their relationships with co-workers over their individual goals.

Getting a large team from across multiple states to bond is tricky (in this case the participants came from up and down the eastern seaboard). Working with people who have varying lengths of association with an organization is another challenge (we had people with decades of experience, and we also had someone who had started last week). Fortunately, improv is an activity which allows space for failure and teaches valuable lessons as a result of failing. It’s also an activity in which people can rapidly improve, even over the course of a single session.

Just before everything started we overheard one of the participants saying to another that “high powered brokers don’t have time for this…” but by the end of our session the same pair of men wanted to continue the conversation with one of our facilitators during a break in their day as we were packing up to leave – talking about connections they saw between the exercises we had done and the work they engaged in on a daily basis. This is always a sign we have broken through with individuals, and it’s also part of the design of our sessions. We try to leave participants with an experience they will continue to think about and learn from in the days after their actual face time with us.

If you’d like to chat about how we can kick off your next retreat, or how bringing applied improvisation to your workforce can provide valuable and fun experiential learning that continues to resonate after a workshop is over, buy Lyrica online australia.


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The entire buy me a boat lyrics team got together in Philadelphia last week for the start of the year, and after our workshop with a smaller division in 2016 they decided to have us train the whole company. Curalate is the fastest growing start-up in Philadelphia and is coming off a year of explosive growth (as a simple example, the number of participants in the workshop grew by 20% between the time we booked it and when it happened… a little less than month).

With so many new people and offices now in three states working as a team and communicating well has taken on added significance to Curalate. With a young, engaged workforce they know that presenting learning in new and interesting ways keeps their employees happy and is effective. Working with PHIT Corporate on a larger scale for this training was a natural fit and we were happy to return to a company we already knew and build on our past work

Coming at the end of a week of various meetings and talks, we brought all of Curalate’s close to 200 employees to our location and spread them across every available stage, rehearsal hall and classroom we had with a team of 9 facilitators for a session that put the emphasis on fun but also had a curriculum designed to teach important skills like working as a team, communicating, and collaboration.

It was especially nice to come into the office today and have heard that on the surveys every employee completed before they went home at the end of the week our activity got the highest marks of anything that happened in the 5 day retreat:

A screenshot showing all 56 responses would be boring to read, so just picture the number of exclamation points continuing to increase as you go down.

Do you have a large event that needs that extra something, but you don’t want the time to only being about getting your employees out of the office? buy Lyrica canada that will be a blast and have folks learning important skills or values through applied improvisation so that everyone wins.

cheap Lyrica canada

Boy are we jazzed after our session this morning with over 100 future leaders for the city of Philadelphia – what an amazing group! In addition to being in a room of dynamic individuals our facilitators were really impressed with the quality of this group. Everyone really threw themselves into the exercises wholeheartedly.

LEADERSHIP Philadelphia’s 2013 CORE Class

Our session day focused on a customized topic: working a room. While everyone has been recognized for their leadership potential at LEADERSHIP a lot of the participants admitted that they did not enjoy networking events. Fortunately, our facilitators here immediately saw the connections between good improv scenes and good conversations, and were able to build a 90-minute curriculum that addressed how improv skills can be transferred into those networking event situations to make them less intimidating to attend (and more likely to leave a favorable impression with the people you meet and chat with during an evening of drinks and tiny sandwiches).

We’ve done specialized workshops like this for years, helping develop curriuclums tailored specifically to a unique need – like how to sympathize with customers, or even how to write funnier sermons. What’s your unique need? cheap date lyrics address it in a way that’s unusual, fun, and gets the results you need.

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Last Friday was another story of a workshop worth sharing. A team from PHIT Corporate had the closest experience we will probably ever get to visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory when we traveled to Wawa University.

Wawa is a beloved east coast chain that is difficult to explain when we are traveling elsewhere around the country, but in it’s simplest form we often describe it this way: imagine if 7-11, Dunkin Donuts, and your local deli combined and became best possible versions of themselves.

Being a highly successful company that has grown across multiple states, we were excited to visit their campus and help with the training of their staff. In addition to working on teambuilding, we also spent time teaching applied improvisation techniques focused on listening, awareness and group communication. In a big company it’s often hard to communicate across different departments and through different levels of management – and same skills that are useful to our actors when we create performances on the fly on our stage can also be transformative for teams when they learn to apply them in their work life.

As an added bonus we got to enjoy the cafeteria. It’s a whole Wawa with one amazing difference we’re going to miss – everything was free!