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We had a great a time with buy Lyrica australia‘s Strategic Development Team today! A group of about 50 took over our theater and experienced a workshop that packed a lot into an afternoon. This was an expecially exciting to our team, because we love team building for Fortune 500 companies. Big companies have a the funds to dedicate to large scale professional development. As a result, they benefit from scheduling “outside the box” trainings like ours. Our focus on experiential learning in workshops set us apart from lots of other training providers.

Comcast is an industry leader and that’s thanks in no small part to their Strategic Development Team. This is a group that thrives on entrepreneurial energy and their ability to come up with fresh new ideas that motivate and challenge their peers. To help jumpstart their team we created a customized workshop for an afternoon of fun and learning. Then, we hosted them at PHIT’s stages – just a few blocks from Comcast’s own world headquarters in Philadelphia.

Our workshops call on individuals to take risks. As soon as we start, participants are stepping outside the realm of normal. As a result, they get to a place where their most absurd and fun ideas can exist. The Stragetic Development team spends a lot of time in that headspace that lies just beyond the everyday normal. This specific curriculum allowed them to examine how they conceive those ideas as well as how the rest of the team responds.

Comcast is just one example of PHIT's team building for Fortune 500 companies.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a few good improv teams could be formed from this group. They took to the material right away and made for some entertaining and supportive ideas.

If your team needs to stretch their creative minds, we’ve got an outlet for that. cheap Lyrica australia with PHIT today and let’s chat about how we do team building for Fortune 500 companies (or your smaller business too).