Communicating and Relationship with Tandigm Health

Recently Tandigm Health came to our theater for a workshop on collaborating, communicating and establishing and maintaining relationships. We covered a lot of ground in our time together and had a blast with this fun group of expert communicators.

Tandigm Health helps medical professionals do their work easier, faster and better. This group delivers innovative and useful tools for primary care physicians and rely on communicating effectively, listening excellently and the ability to engineer creative solutions.

Communicating is an important skill for any professional team. Any of us could be working on one project with coworkers, clients or vendors – sometimes all three. Juggling these levels of communication can be a lot to manage.

In improvisation, our ability to establish and build relationships is key. When we walk on stage into a scene, we don’t know what’s on our scene-partner’s mind. As we are communicating exactly who we are, and discovering who the other performers are, we are also building a relationship with the audience watching the show. Not only are we building a world from nothing, we are hopefully doing it in a way that is interesting and compelling to watch!

Tandigm is a tight knit team. They were comfortable taking risks and having fun, which lead to a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

Two brave souls roleplay a scenario while a rapt audience observes!

If your team of outstanding communicators want to explore their skills even further, get in touch with us today! Come and check out our theater, or we’ll come to your office!

Presentation and Creativity with LaunchX

We had a terrific time exploring presentation skills with the entrepreneurs at LaunchX‘s summer program at UPenn!

Each summer, LaunchX works with high school students on creating and designing their own businesses. You read that right. This is not a business plan competition: over the course of four weeks, these students will actually realize a new start up.

With that great task comes a lot of unique challenges. The ability to clearly communicate ideas to a panel of experts is imperative. So is understanding all the ways we can communicate to an audience. Our workshop addressed the skills needed to create an effective presentation.

Presentation and Non-Verbal Communication

One aspect of the workshop focused on body language. According to some research, 55% of our message is delivered by how we handle ourselves. When we are presenting a new idea, we can get nervous or excited and sometimes that energy can bubble up to the surface in ways we don’t intend. Similarly, the way we carry ourselves shapes the way we feel about what we are saying.

In improv, the way our performers carry themselves and occupy space on stage can be a valuable tool. If someone is a king, they can take large strides as they move, speak loudly, and command space. If someone is a cat, they may act more reserved, stalking about the space, using small movements and behaviors that show what they are rather than having to simply address who they are.

It was interesting to see how comfortable the workshop participants were with each other. They have been working together for a number of weeks and were terrific. That meant less time on warming up and more time getting in the presentation head-space.

It was a lot of fun to see this brilliant group of teens open up and learn through improvisation!

If you want to learn more about non-verbal communication, get in touch with us today!

Corporate Improv with Ballard Spahr

Being anywhere for the first time can be intimidating. Ballard Spahr understands this, and as part of their orientation for summer associates, they use a corporate improv workshop to break the ice. This is a fun and entertaining way to break up the associate’s first experience with the firm. Our session today focused on the skills that matter most to lawyers: presentation, communicating, and taking risks.

Learning while having fun with Corporate improv

There is a point in every corporate improv workshop when the participants have to decide to have fun. After you see the people around you taking risks, doing something silly and outside of their comfort zone, their is an immediate and profound pull to honor their effort by making an effort of your own. This room is full of sharp and personable personalities. They take to the material right away.

We spent a part of this workshop exploring presentation skills. This means making participants aware of each tool in their arsenal when conveying information. Body language, for instance, has a direct effect on how our message is received as well as how it is delivered. We tend to be at our most effective when we carry ourselves confidently, and people who we are talking to notice.

Every corporate improv workshop we do is customized to the group we are working with. That means for a group like this, we have the opportunity to heavily emphasize fun to go along with the actual learning. Fun is an important aspect to the workshops we do. We find that people learn best when they are actually engaged and enjoying themselves. Rather than subject everyone to a powerpoint presentation about communciating, to get people on their feet playing with one another is what makes our workshops so successful.

If you’d like to explore communication skills or presentation skills or revisit some the aspects that makes your team truly unique, contact PHIT Corporate today and we’ll show you what we can do to help!

Interpersonal Skills Exploration with Exelon

We were excited to host a workshop on interpersonal skills as a part of the a retreat for Exelon‘s Talent Management team. The Talent Management team is a tight-knit crew who are engaged in various levels of communication – with their own team, their own management and the company at large. This group featured employees from all across the country who work with C-level executives and senior management.

This group are communication masters. We didn’t plan on telling them anything new, or approaching any skills that they weren’t already using. Instead, we explored how important all aspects of communicating are, the effects clear communication can have on our team, and how we can think more critically of how we are communicating.

One challenge PHIT often addresses with a corporate workshop is working with a team that doesn’t regularly meet face to face. Exelon’s Talent Management team is always in communication with each other via phone, email, video teleconferencing, but are only together once or twice a year. We knew this time was valuable to the team and wanted to make sure our part of their day left a lasting impression.

exploring interpersonal skills

Exelon deals in nuclear power. That means we are talking about super-smart personalities with a lot of responsibilities. We are also talking about high pressure situations that the Talent Management team often find themselves in. Trying to maintain composure while dealing with powerful personalities can be difficult to manage.


Plannin’ a party with Exelon!

Improvisation allows us to look at interpersonal skills through effective listening and communication. Being clear in our actions and words goes a long way to clearing a lot of frustrations before they start. Improv forces people to listen closely to those around us and dig deeper to find the root of what is being conveyed.

If you want to take your understanding of the tools you rely on every day to the next level, get in touch with PHIT Corporate today and we’ll show you how we can help!

Examining Leadership Skills with Year Up

Today our facilitators hosted Year Up: Greater Philadelphia for a fun workshop emphasizing leadership skills and having a good time doing it.

Year Up is an organization that gives with college students development, coaching, and internships at some of America’s top companies. They are a tremendous resource in providing opportunities and positioning the future leaders of industry to launch into meaningful careers.

We worked with Year Up’s people managers. Some of the team are in their first leadership roles and our workshop reflected those skills that make for great leaders. This meant an immediate focus on communicating.

Leadership skills Through Improvisation

Any great leader knows communication includes two major components: absorbing information and conveying information. Our workshop then started with communication, focusing on exercises that relied on active listening and sharing. The origin of a leader lies in a person’s  ability to understand the needs of their team and their ability to distribute information.

We also worked on presentation and body language. We communicate information using so much more than our words. The way we carry ourselves has an indirect effect on our message; both on how we choose to convey the information and how the message is received. This second part of our workshop encompassed the intangible skills of leadership.

Establishing channels for clear communication means standing in parallel lines, today at least.

For a fairly new team like Year Up, skills development is as important as bonding. A team must be able to get comfortable before they can start unpacking the heavier messages of a workshop. We recognize that not every is entirely comfortable with improvisation – however, this group found its energy fairly quickly, which made for a fun day that flew by.

If you work with a group of leaders, let us help you refine your skills. Contact us today to inquire about setting up a fun and informative workshop for your team.